Well hello November!

It has been such a long time since I blogged (ooh get me!) that I felt compelled to take a couple of minutes and write something. After all what is the point of having this virtual space if not to fill it with my musings? So first things first, ‘Butterflies and Bunting’ is officially open for business!

This is a novel venture for me and I have to say currently I have underwhelming expectations but I’d also like to have a bit of faith that the project can get off the ground. The shop is currently open on folksy – check it out at http://folksy.com/shops/ButterfliesandBunting. So far there are only a few products up for sale as my friend and I need to get ourselves organised and really promote our stuff. Here’s the first step! But what you will eventually find is a selection of beautiful (we think!) handmade, vintage inspired and in some cases vintage materials, accessories that will be perfect gifts or just lovely to wear and brighten up your day! I have worn a few of my crochet pins and had some great comments. I have given a couple away as gifts and they have been very well received. Of course we can always discuss customised items….!

I’m sure there’s a way to add a link properly so I’ll go exploring shortly! It has been a very busy month of eating, making, half term holiday, school stuff, job hunting etc…hence my lack of attention to the blog. No excuse really. I will be back with slightly more exciting anecdotes as soon as I have the time to sit down properly, with a nice glass of wine 😉 and ponder the last few weeks achievements.

What I can say is winter has definitely made its appearance. It is not entirely welcome. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing lovelier than sitting cozied up with a good book in front of a crackling fire, whilst lazy snow flakes flutter down from the sky and coat the landscape in a dazzling glittery blanket…..sigh. But who really does that? For one thing, I don’t have a real fire, or in fact any fire. Secondly, I wouldn’t know how to light one if I did. And who is going to clean it out for me huh? I mean come on! I can barely get motivated enough to hoover my house! So, the reality of winter is exorbitantly high heating costs resulting in me stingily refusing to have my pipes on for more than a couple hours a day and having to find alternative ways of keeping warm that are not remotely idyllic! It is also the soul dampening reality of soggy doormats, muddy footprints, woodlice (my house is rotten!) and mess everywhere. Ah well, at least Christmas is round the corner, right?