Crochet crazy…

crochet pins

Ok so as I think I said somewhere in the bewildering set-up of categories (i’m new to this blogging malarkey!) we are in the early stages of setting up “Butterflies and Bunting” as a business….of sorts! Here is an example of just one of the type of products that will be available to buy. I would value some genuine feedback (of the ‘kind and constructive’ variety please!) as to style, quality, desirability etc.

These are just the most recently finished articles, and I hope to be able to showcase a few more items before long. I love crocheting because for me this is a relatively quick way of producing something pleasing to look at! I am first and foremost a knitter – having learnt again at the side of my beloved and patient Nan. But crochet I decided to take up just a year ago wanting to flex my crafty muscles so to speak! I am entirely ‘you-tube’ taught – which just goes to show that anyone can do it! Of course not everyone wants to, which is good or you would not need to buy anything from me! So, having started off making a couple of baby blankets for friends and wanting to make other small-ish items (I don’t feel I’m ready for clothing just yet with the crochet! I can on the other hand knit a pretty solid jumper…) I decided on ‘accessories’ and feel I must complement the many other talented people out there who have kindly shared patterns and ideas to get my little projects off the ground.

When I have got to grips with the techy side of blogging I will endeavour to link to some of those creative geniuses who have inspired my crafting and hopefully give them the recognition they deserve! Whilst the items above have both been adapted by myself they have at some point been based on someone else’s ideas so I do not want to claim them as original.I’m looking forward to seeing how things progress, assuming they do of course! And will be updating the blog as and when anything new and exciting happens! Come along for the fun!


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