Welcome to this new beginning, a venture into the unknown, an experiment if you will. The Autumnal season is well and truly underway and there is something inspiring about the fresh, crisp, early morning air that has sparked my ‘creative’ longings. I decided that perhaps this would be a good opportunity to both create and capture whatever comes out of this season. I would be delighted for you to accompany me on the journey…. 🙂

So a little about me  – I don’t like writing about me! I feel it is blog ‘etiquette’ to at least provide a sample of information so you know who is putting all this random stuff out there. I am a mother, (truly inspiring and horrifying in equal measure if you ask me!) I bake, cook, sew, knit, crochet and most importantly dream. I do none of these things with any great skill but enjoy the process of making something and perhaps, hopefully, presenting something of unique beauty and value to those I cherish. Be it a cake or crochet, I feel there is something powerful in creating things for others, and I hope it imparts blessing to those who receive.

I once read that it is an intrinsic part of woman to bring beauty into the world, I would argue it is intrinsically Human to love beauty  and that it comes in many forms! But for my part, I hope I can make a part of every day a little more beautiful for someone, even if it’s just by smiling! (Or giving them a cookie…..) So here goes!


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