Baking balmy

Fresh baked bread, mmm delicious!

Fresh baked bread, mmm delicious!

I love to bake. I make a terrible mess and almost always try to eat the food before it has cooled down leading to many a burnt mouth and dropped biscuits! I am not particularly fussy about what I bake and enjoy setting myself new challenges – next up is macaroons! I am a simple baker at heart and was taught the basics by my lovely Nan. Nan passed away last year and that has had a big impact on all of my family. She was kind of the heart and soul for us, the reason to gather together, the person at the centre. Baking is one way for me to feel connected to her still, I make things and think ‘I hope Nan would be proud of this’. Silly and a little sad but there it is, I wouldn’t love baking half as much if I didn’t have such poignant memories of making cakes and scones with my Nan, and watching her in the kitchen turning out massive roast dinners with perfect yorkshires and potatoes to die for. To this day not one person has been able to recreate Nan’s roast potatoes. I think there was a little touch of magic in every one, because even with Nan talking me through it step by step (they’re really not complicated!) they never ever tasted the same. It is one of those profoundly inexplicable things that a potato should hold such mystery and so unique a flavour so as to be unrecreatable (I know that is not a word!) by anyone other than Nan. She is the supreme cook against whom we all pale in comparison. I am forever indebted to her for instilling in me both love for and confidence in baking.

Here I will attempt to post pictures, recipes, trials and disasters for you to laugh at and enjoy from my own wee bakery (otherwise known as the world’s tiniest kitchen!)


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