cookie time again

So I have spent a great deal of this week in the futile pursuit of fitness, given the sheer quantity of baked goods that I have managed to consume either pre or post exercise. As far as I’m concerned there’s not much that beats a whopping great big cookie with black coffee for my breakfast – especially if said cookie is packed full of smarties, hundreds and thousands and chocolate chips. Er, yes, I may go slightly overboard with the sugary goodness but my gracious me they taste soo good! Obviously having polished off a batch I am concerned about where my next cookie fix will come from so I have managed to persuade my son that baking will be a fun activity tomorrow and that is is all about him…..not my addiction to breakfast biscuits! 

In other news, I was delighted to try out my new coffee cup holder creation today. I was seated at a well known coffee chain after swimming 36 lengths in 45 minutes (trust me that’s pretty amazing for me, I am a very poor swimmer!) and I felt that I not only deserved a delicious cup of Joe, but that I also deserved to adorn it with a pretty accessory made specifically for the purpose of dressing up my coffee cups and keeping my skin in tact. I have been burnt in the past, quite literally, by holding onto those strange corrugated containers that do not come with cup holders such as in other also well known beverage establishments! Now as I prefer the coffee in this particular shop but have mourned the absence of decent cup holders it made perfect sense to crochet my own to keep in my bag thereby covering all hot drink emergencies that are likely to ensue. I am pretty pleased with the result….check out the instagram pics and when I remember I will upload one into this blog properly! 

Other creations made this week really have centred around experimenting with the different butterfly shapes that I wanted to try out, basically to make my own pattern for crocheted butterfly bunting. I really like novelty goods – can you tell?! I plan to make some christmassy type decorations before too long and they could be truly hideous so watch out for the giggle inducing pictures that will surely follow! 

After all that exercising and eating I feel shattered and realise that even if I wanted a lie in, I would not get one. My five year old doesn’t have any respect for my need to sleep, it’s fairly irritating! And on that note, bon soir! 


Crochet crazy…

crochet pins

Ok so as I think I said somewhere in the bewildering set-up of categories (i’m new to this blogging malarkey!) we are in the early stages of setting up “Butterflies and Bunting” as a business….of sorts! Here is an example of just one of the type of products that will be available to buy. I would value some genuine feedback (of the ‘kind and constructive’ variety please!) as to style, quality, desirability etc.

These are just the most recently finished articles, and I hope to be able to showcase a few more items before long. I love crocheting because for me this is a relatively quick way of producing something pleasing to look at! I am first and foremost a knitter – having learnt again at the side of my beloved and patient Nan. But crochet I decided to take up just a year ago wanting to flex my crafty muscles so to speak! I am entirely ‘you-tube’ taught – which just goes to show that anyone can do it! Of course not everyone wants to, which is good or you would not need to buy anything from me! So, having started off making a couple of baby blankets for friends and wanting to make other small-ish items (I don’t feel I’m ready for clothing just yet with the crochet! I can on the other hand knit a pretty solid jumper…) I decided on ‘accessories’ and feel I must complement the many other talented people out there who have kindly shared patterns and ideas to get my little projects off the ground.

When I have got to grips with the techy side of blogging I will endeavour to link to some of those creative geniuses who have inspired my crafting and hopefully give them the recognition they deserve! Whilst the items above have both been adapted by myself they have at some point been based on someone else’s ideas so I do not want to claim them as original.I’m looking forward to seeing how things progress, assuming they do of course! And will be updating the blog as and when anything new and exciting happens! Come along for the fun!

Baking balmy

Fresh baked bread, mmm delicious!

Fresh baked bread, mmm delicious!

I love to bake. I make a terrible mess and almost always try to eat the food before it has cooled down leading to many a burnt mouth and dropped biscuits! I am not particularly fussy about what I bake and enjoy setting myself new challenges – next up is macaroons! I am a simple baker at heart and was taught the basics by my lovely Nan. Nan passed away last year and that has had a big impact on all of my family. She was kind of the heart and soul for us, the reason to gather together, the person at the centre. Baking is one way for me to feel connected to her still, I make things and think ‘I hope Nan would be proud of this’. Silly and a little sad but there it is, I wouldn’t love baking half as much if I didn’t have such poignant memories of making cakes and scones with my Nan, and watching her in the kitchen turning out massive roast dinners with perfect yorkshires and potatoes to die for. To this day not one person has been able to recreate Nan’s roast potatoes. I think there was a little touch of magic in every one, because even with Nan talking me through it step by step (they’re really not complicated!) they never ever tasted the same. It is one of those profoundly inexplicable things that a potato should hold such mystery and so unique a flavour so as to be unrecreatable (I know that is not a word!) by anyone other than Nan. She is the supreme cook against whom we all pale in comparison. I am forever indebted to her for instilling in me both love for and confidence in baking.

Here I will attempt to post pictures, recipes, trials and disasters for you to laugh at and enjoy from my own wee bakery (otherwise known as the world’s tiniest kitchen!)


Welcome to this new beginning, a venture into the unknown, an experiment if you will. The Autumnal season is well and truly underway and there is something inspiring about the fresh, crisp, early morning air that has sparked my ‘creative’ longings. I decided that perhaps this would be a good opportunity to both create and capture whatever comes out of this season. I would be delighted for you to accompany me on the journey…. 🙂

So a little about me  – I don’t like writing about me! I feel it is blog ‘etiquette’ to at least provide a sample of information so you know who is putting all this random stuff out there. I am a mother, (truly inspiring and horrifying in equal measure if you ask me!) I bake, cook, sew, knit, crochet and most importantly dream. I do none of these things with any great skill but enjoy the process of making something and perhaps, hopefully, presenting something of unique beauty and value to those I cherish. Be it a cake or crochet, I feel there is something powerful in creating things for others, and I hope it imparts blessing to those who receive.

I once read that it is an intrinsic part of woman to bring beauty into the world, I would argue it is intrinsically Human to love beauty  and that it comes in many forms! But for my part, I hope I can make a part of every day a little more beautiful for someone, even if it’s just by smiling! (Or giving them a cookie…..) So here goes!